Carol Zoller, owner of Skin Therapy of Charlotte, is a licensed master esthetician with more than 20 years professional experience. Her passion is helping people feel great about their skin. Carol’s many years in the skin care industry have taught her that healthy, luminous skin boosts self-esteem, increases confidence and creates an overall sense of well-being.

As the skin changes, so will your skin care treatments. Carol’s extensive knowledge of skin and her personalized approach has made her Charlotte’s most sought after esthetician. Carol is one of only three estheticians in the state of North Carolina to achieve the National Coalition of Estheticians Certification by meeting the highest competency standards dictated by NECA. This is the highest professional skin care credential available in the United States.


Facial and Skin Care Specialties

At Skin Therapy of Charlotte, Carol’s clients can select from 3 types of and skincare treatments:

Custom Skin Treatments: 60-75 minute services designed to lift, tone, correct and restore the skin to a more youthful state. These include chemical peels, dermaplaning, LED Facial and more, that reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Acne Treatment Program: Customized acne treatments designed for teens and adults who have tried everything to stop breakouts and have clear skin.

Experience and Certifications

Carol has earned numerous skin care certifications including:

  • Certified Acne Specialist
  • Certified Expert in Aging and Next Generation Solutions
  • Advanced Education in Treating Skin of Color
  • Certified Expert in Advanced Peeling Techniques for Complex Skin Conditions
  • Certified Expert in Pigmentation Disorders, Causes and Treatments
  • Expert in Inflammation and Sensitive Skin Conditions
  • Licensed and Insured
  • NECA Certified Credential


Carol is a member of the Associated Skin Care Professionals, the National Coalition of Estheticians and the Society of Dermatology SkinCare Specialists.

Carol knows the importance of quality skin care. If she is unable to meet a client’s skin care goals, she will recommend a trusted provider who can. However, with numerous accolades and awards under her belt, she is confident that her customized treatments will result in youthful, healthy skin for her clients for many years to come.

Prior to opening Skin Therapy of Charlotte, Carol worked at a high-end beauty salons and medical spas. She was lead esthetician in a local chain establishment and witnessed first-hand how customized skin and body treatments took a backseat to hurried, one-size-fits-all services. These cookie cutter services and high-pressure sales tactics are designed to generate huge profits for franchise owners. This experience motivated her to re-open her private practice in South Charlotte during a time when most small businesses were closing their doors.