Sports Massage for Tennis Players

Sports Massage Therapy

Why tennis players need massage

Tennis is a strenuous sport that requires constant swinging motions to deliver serves, volleys, forehands, and backhands. It demands constant running, and quick forward, backward and side-to-side steps as players chase a tennis ball across the court. Tennis puts a lot of stress on muscles, joints and ligaments which can lead to strains and other injuries.

Fortunately, sports massage therapy can help relieve the pain from strained muscles that are pushed to the limit during intensive tennis workouts and competition. It also can help prevent and reduce the extent of injuries. Massage therapy targets sore muscles and joints, increases circulation and removes lactic acid and other harmful metabolic wastes from the body.

According to a report released by the Tennis Industry Association, the number of “frequent” tennis players—those who play at least 21 times a year—increased by 10 percent in 2013. Tennis also is showing gains in other areas, including a 4 percent increase in overall participation. And, with new growth initiatives aimed at recruiting children, this positive trend shows no signs of stopping any time soon.

As such, a regular massage therapy session can be a great training and preparation tool for both athletes of all ages and skill levels. It offers them an opportunity to loosen up and get energized before matches, as well as help them cool down after their matches are over.

And, sports massage therapy can help strengthen a player’s mind and body connection by alleviating mental stress and promoting increased focus and concentration levels.

For the experienced tennis player, experts recommend a deep muscle massage following a strenuous match or intense training period. This type of massage helps release any muscle tension that has built up. It also promotes proper healing and healthy muscle tone so players are flexible and relaxed when competing.

Sports massage therapy also can help players with injuries and concerns specific to tennis, including tennis elbow, muscle trigger points, and back, knee and calf pain.

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