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Eye Brow Services

Beautiful eyebrows are critical to showing off your eyes and impact how people perceive your facial expressions.  Make sure your brow arch is giving the right impression – whether it’s natural, straight, bold, angular, feathered, soft, rounded, tapered, high arch, S-shaped, long tail….

We ensure your brows are natural looking and balanced with the right artistic approach.   Let our expert clinicians at Skin Therapy of Charlotte help you get that perfect wow brow with:

  • EyeBrow Hair Removal
  • EyeBrow Tinting

And don’t forget.  Eyebrow services are not just for the ladies!  Men’s eyebrows need special attention as well.

Benefits of EyeBrow Services

  • As we age, our eyebrows naturally thin and lose color. By manicuring your eyebrows, you can keep a more youthful appearance longer.
  • Tinting and Microblading mean no more brow powder or brow pencil application every morning, saving you valuable time.
  • Enhanced Beauty without eye lift surgery.

EyeBrow Services

Brow Tinting

Do you have plenty of brow hairs, but they are just too light or don’t match your hair color? Then, tinting them with semi-permanent makeup, is the answer. At Skin Therapy of Charlotte, we use only all-natural ingredients and guarantee quality, long lasting results.  Brow tinting enhances light-colored, thin or greying eyebrows, helping them to look fuller and more defined.  Combine with Lash Tinting to get the maximum impact!

The process is simple, takes about 15 minutes and you will see immediate results.

  1. We help you choose the right color to complement your complexion and hair color.  The dye is vegetable-based, to minimize chances of irritation around the sensitive eyes. This is why eye brow tinting does not last permanently.
  2. We hygienically clean your brows, outline the area being tinted and protect your eyes and surrounding skin with pads.
  3. Dye is applied, and we wait 5 minutes for it to set.  Then it is wiped off.
  4. We apply eye soothing treatment to relax the eye area.

Brow Hair Removal and Shaping

Do you want to have that perfectly shaped brow that best compliments your eyes and face shape?  Let our brow artist define and shape your brows.  We offer eyebrow waxing, tweezing (yes the “pluck”).  We do not offer eyebrow threading.

EyeBrow Service Pricing

Ladies’ Brow Tinting………….$15

Ladies’ Brow Wax………………$20

Ladies’ Brow Wax & Tint…..$30

Ladies’ Brow Design……….$30 (includes design, wax, trim, tweeze & fill-in)

Men’s Brow Wax…………….$20

Men’s Brow Tailoring……..$30 (include shaping, trim, wax)

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Aubry Gallagher, Licensed Esthetician

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