About Our Waxing Hair Removal Services

Waxing for hair removal is an integral part of the salon services available to men and women at Skin Therapy of Charlotte, as well as skin polishing for bumps, ingrown hair, and other imperfections. Among its many waxing services are removal of facial, body, and leg hair, and Brazilian and Bikini Wax hair removal.

The skilled clinicians at Skin Therapy of Charlotte use a gentle line of hard wax for the skin’s most delicate areas, and a mild hypoallergenic soft wax for larger areas. Waxing treatments are most effective–and more comfortable–if performed on a regular basis, such as every 3-4 weeks. Because hair growth diminishes over time, less frequent treatments are necessary. For optimum results, clients should refrain from shaving two weeks prior to waxing as hair should be about 1/4 inch for the wax to adhere properly.

Skin Therapy of Charlotte specializes in providing the best waxing treatment possible. The goal is to make clients feel as comfortable as possible throughout the entire process in a relaxing and enjoyable environment. Years of experience, proven techniques, and a soothing atmosphere, together with the highest quality products and superior sanitary standards, enhance the effectiveness of each client’s waxing experience.


Benefits of Waxing

  • Lasts longer than shaving, epilation, and hair removal creams because we remove it at the root.
  • Skin is softer and smoother – Exfoliates dead skin cells and encourages new skin growth.
  • Gradually thins, weakens and softens hair that does grow back.
  • Non-chemical process irritates skin less than epilation and hair removal creams with no risk of burning skin.
  • Enhances tattoo colors by removing dead skin cells.

Waxing Preparations

How should you prepare?

  1. Stay calm and focus your thoughts on something pleasant during treatment.
  2. Inform us of any medications in advance.
  3. Forgo tanning 3 days before and after treatment, and make sure any sunburns are healed.
  4. Refrain from alcohol and caffeinated beverages on the day of treatment.
  5. Do not apply any lotions or makeup before your treatment.
  6. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting, cotton clothing.
  7. Postpone any romantic interludes for 2 days after a Bikini or Brazilian wax treatment.
  8. If you are pregnant, consult with your doctor for any timing considerations.
  9. For clients under 18, a parent must be present in the waiting room.
  10. Remove all piercings if possible.
  11. Apply a fragrance-free soothing lotion or cold compress if you experience any discomfort or redness.
  12. For best results, continue waxing every 3-4 weeks after your initial treatment.
  13. Follow skin care basics: cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize.
  14. Feel free to contact Skin Therapy of Charlotte for any questions or concerns.

Ladies Waxing

Let’s face it,  we want smooth soft skin with no razor stubble.  Waxing is the answer.

Face Waxing

Whether it’s peach fuzz or coarse hair, our waxing treatments can help you have smooth, soft facial skin–and increase yourself confidence at the same time.

  • Brow Wax………..$20
  • Brow Tweeze…..$20 (a great option for Retin-A users or anyone with sensitive skin)
  • Brow Design…….$30 (Includes shaping, wax, trim, tweeze & fill-in for the perfect glam brow)
  • Upper Lip………….$14
  • Lower Lip………….$10
  • Chin……………………$15
  • Sideburns………….$12
  • Cheeks……………….$12
  • Neck…………………..$15
  • Full Face……………$65 (Excludes Brows)

Body Waxing

We offer body hair removal waxing for those areas that need that feminine look.

  • Underarm…………$20
  • Half Arms………..$35
  • Full Arms…………$45
  • Hands………………$12
  • Stomach Strip….$15

Legs Waxing

Keep those limbs sexy and smooth!

  • Lower Legs….. ..$45+
  • Upper Legs….. ..$45+
  • Full Legs…………$75+
  • Inner Thighs…. .$18
  • Toes……………….$12

Bikini and Brazilian

Sssh! Private parts need privacy.  Our removal process honors that.

  • Bikini Line……….$38+
  • French Bikini…….$42+
  • Full Bikini……..$48+
  • Brazilian……….$55+
  • Buttocks Hair Removal
  • Full……..$35
  • Strip……$12

*Waxing prices are based on average hair amounts and will vary depending on the amount of hair and time needed to remove.

Hair Removal for the Modern Man

Don’t forget your man.  Sculpting just the right amount of hair is the key.

Face Hair Removal

  • Men’s Brow Wax…………..$20
  • Men’s Brow Tailoring……$30 (Include Shaping, Trim & Wax)
  • Nostrils……….$12
  • Ears……………..$15

Chest Hair Removal

  • Full ……..$30+
  • Strip……..$15

Back Hair Removal

  • Full…………$60+
  • Upper…….$35+
  • Lower…….$30+
  • Shoulders….$20+

*Waxing prices are based on average hair amounts and will vary depending on the amount of hair and time needed to remove.

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Waxing Add-On Services

Hair Did It Go: $25

This powerful hair-retarding enzyme treatment leaves you silky smooth in as little as 5-15 treatments. Unlike expensive laser treatments that only work on dark hairs, Hair Did It Go works on ANY hair color or type of hair. And, it can be used wherever you want to eliminate unwanted
hair. Our clinician will apply the enzyme immediately after waxing and send the remainder home with you to apply as often as possible over the next 48 hours.  Read more about Hair Did It Go.

Go Bare:  $25

This post-wax treatment includes a mask and serum that helps prevent bumps and ingrown hairs. It also softens and soothes your most intimate area.


Pearl Polish Vajacial: $65

Do you want to spruce things up down there? This treatment is designed to prep and pamper your skin in between wax appointments. This is a proprietary six-step treatment that eliminates bothersome bumps and ingrown hairs, reduces the look of any impurities & brightens and softens the skin. Best performed one to two weeks post wax.

Featured Waxing Specialist:

Aubry Gallagher, Licensed Esthetician

Aubry Gallagher Waxing-Makeup-Lashes-Brows

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  • "I have been a client of Carol's for years. Quite frankly there's not enough room on this page for my praise for her. Well, now she managed to find a young lady named Aubrey. I recently had a Brazilian wax from her and WOW is she amazing and talented. She made what could be a strange and awkward service into easy, comfortable, and informative. It was quite apparent to me that she makes all that possible because of her passion for what she does. This would have been a great secret for me to keep to myself, but Everyone needs to experience Aubrey's talent. She just that damn good!!!!!"

    Jen G. Reviewer via Web
  • "So I began seeing Aubry at Skin Therapy about 2 years ago. We started simple with a lip wax first then to eyebrow. She built up my confidence to continue waxing further. I was hesitant of course to keep this journey going, but there I was going to the beach and in need of her services! I decided to get a Brazilian and since that day I have continued seeing Aubry for my everyday and spur of the moment needs! Honesty was key in our relationship and she hasn't let me down!"
    Rebekah W. Reviewer on Yelp
  • "Aubry did my microblading on my brows. I am so pleasantly pleased with the result. I had pretty decent brows to begin with but I wanted to change my shape and get more fuller brows without looking crazy. I was super nervous about getting the color to match my existent brow. But Aubry really tackled it perfectly. She kept it natural and beautiful. Needless to say, I will be returning to further my beauty needs."
    Gabriela C. Reviewer on Google
  • "I am so amazed and thrilled with the results. Aubry is so gifted and talented. The whole experience from beginning to end was delightful, I can’t wait to go back for my touch up. Skin Therapy of Charlotte, you have a customer for life. I really can’t stop looking at my eyebrows, they are amazing."
    Carol C. Reviewer on Google