COVID-19 and Your Skin

It seems the coronavirus is impacting every part of our daily lives – Even our skin! For a lot of us, self quarantine is causing us do things we normally would not do.  Some of those may be good and some, well, not so good.  Because of this disruption you may be noticing some changes to your skin. One of two things is most likely happening:

Your skin has never looked better, or it has never looked worse.

It is important to recognize that the physical and emotional effects of COVID-19 can also have a considerable impact on your skin.


If your skin is looking and feeling fantastic then you may be doing some of the things listed below. If so, I say keep up the good work. Your skin will thank you in the long run.

  1. Wearing less or no makeup
  2. Dedicating more time to morning and evening skincare routines
  3. Taking time to apply skin-nourishing facial masks once or twice a week
  4. Limiting exposure to skin irritating environmental pollutants and free radicals
  5. Getting better quality sleep
  6. Dedicating more time to self-care and self-improvement reduces cortisol levels and improves appearance
  7. Making healthier food choices that nourish the skin from the inside out
  8. Exercising more which helps to detoxify and nourish skin cells
  9. Spending more time in nature which increases Vitamin D levels to facilitate skin cell growth and repair

For those of you who feel like your skin is rebelling, don’t hit the panic button just yet. Below are some questions you can ask yourself and some easy fixes.

Is self-quarantine causing your stress levels to rise? If so, this can wreak havoc on your skin. Increased stress levels cause cortisol levels to rise. Increased cortisol levels can causeskin inflammation and breakouts.
    • FIX: Find ways to reduce stress. For example, begin a virtual exercise program or download a meditation app and spend 10 minutes a day meditating. Insight Timer is a great free meditation app. Click here to check it out.
Are you sleeping later and missing your daytime Vitamin C and SPF? Even worse – not washing your skin at night because hey, “I didn’t wear any make-up today so why bother?” Skimping on your normal day and night skin regimes may cause your skin to lose its luster and radiance.
    • FIX: Make sure you are following your morning and night daily skincare routines as recommended by your skincare provider. Remember, your skin doesn’t know you are quarantined!
Are you using social media to shop for skincare products or facial masks? I know… that beautiful person with perfect skin is hard to resist. However, purchasing online skincare products that may not be suitable for your skin type can cause red, itchy, irritated skin.
    • FIX: Contact your local skincare provider and ask what she recommends before making online purchases. Most spas and skincare centers are closed right now but are more than happy the dropship or deliver products to your door.
More time to exercise means more sweat. This is great but can lead to more skin breakouts.
    • FIX: Wash your face within 10 minutes after a workout.
Are you spending more time outdoors but forgetting to apply sunscreen? This equates to sunburns and premature aging.
    • FIX: Liberally apply a broad spectrum SPF 30+ at least 30 minutes before going outside. Re-apply every two hours to stay protected.
Are you opening the refrigerator or pantry door more frequently? Binge eating processed foods and foods high in sugar destroys collagen. This leads to fine lines, wrinkles and premature aging.
    • FIX: Snack on fruits and vegetables instead. Challenge yourself to find and prepare a new skin-healthy recipe every day.
Has your screen time increased? Less face-to-face contact is creating more time in front of computers and cell phones. These devices emit high energy visible light (HEV), often referred to as blue light. HEV promotes stressors that cause premature aging from exposure to blue light or HEV (photo-aging).
    • FIX: Limit screen time and apply high quality sun protectants to face and eyes every morning. I recommend Colorescience, my favorite brand.

Incorporating some of these solutions can improve how your skin looks and feels during this time in quarantine. Feel free to email me at with your skin questions or concerns. I am also available for virtual skin consultations.


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