Debunking Acne Myths

When acne randomly pops up on our faces there are many contributing factors. The common acne myths that we are delving into in this post do NOT contribute to acne breakouts.

What does NOT cause acne?

Washing and Hygiene

The most commonly believed myth is that washing your face often will prevent breakouts. Washing your face a million times a day will not do anything to keep those breakouts at bay. Most of the time over washing will irritate your skin and dehydrate it. Acne starts deep within the pores and thus you need products that will penetrate deep inside and stop acne from forming in the first place. This being said, acne is also not cause by poor hygiene like some believe. Acne prone pores shed dead skin cells faster than normal pores. Dirt and oil have nothing to do with the formation of acne.

French Fries and Moisturizers

Then there is the myth that French fries can cause acne. Its clear that a diet high in iodides, such as the salt on those French fries, can make acne worse. But it does NOT cause acne. Acne is an inherited disorder of the pores, you are either prone to it or not. Moisturizer is another product that is thought to cause acne. While there are definitely many moisturizers that have pore clogging ingredients, you need a moisturizer because the products that are going to get rid of acne are also going to dry your skin a bit.


Since acne products will be strong and have the tendency to dry out your face, there is a myth that if the product does not tingle or sting means it doesn’t work. FALSE. Yes, the products need to be strong to clean out your pores but if they are too strong your skin will get irritated and burned. If a product causes your skin to tingle or sting that means it is irritating your skin. If such irritation occurs, it can impede your goal to get clear because you will have to stop using the products and take a break. So let Carol, our acne specialist take care of you. She will choose the correct strength of products for your skin type and acne type.

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