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3 Month Acne Treatment Program

Now is the time for you to have acne free, blemish free, smooth & clear skin!

As a teenager, you think you are going to grow out of your acne (which sometimes happens). And once you hit your twenties, you think that acne will finally be behind you. But many of us find that acne persists into our thirties, forties, and beyond. Confused, we hit department store counters or visit dermatologists, looking for the one product or treatment that will solve our embarrassing acne problem. Sadly, the products don’t work. They only drain your time and pocketbook. The only result? Disappointment, frustration, even anger.

So stop wasting your time and money!

Face Reality Skin Care™ acne products are state-of-the-art skin care products containing the highest concentrations of active ingredients you can find without a prescription.

A Face Reality Certified Acne Specialist can help you tackle your acne head on, providing strong products with a specific regimen and a balanced approach that’s not overly harsh. In-office treatments speed the process, and most clients find their acne clears up within several months. Pretty soon, you won’t remember the humiliation of having acne anymore.

More than 60 million Americans suffer from some form of acne breakouts. Acne affects more than 80% of all teenagers at some time in their lives, and clogged pores comprise more than 25% of all visits to the dermatologist. Acne now has hit epidemic proportions in adults, especially women. What used to be just a teenage problem is now a real challenge in people’s lives.

First, let’s bury the myths of what acne is not:

*  It is not due to dirty skin.

*  It is not due to eating chocolate.

*  It is not just a teenage problem.

So if these aren’t the reasons, then…

Q. Why do I have acne?

A. Acne is an actual disease of the pores. It can be caused by certain drugs, medications or exposure to certain chemicals but most acne is inherited. Dead skin cells are shedding much too quickly in the acne-prone pore. It forms a plug along with sebum and hair and this is where the problem begins. If the body doesn’t see the plug as an invader, then it remains as a non-inflamed lesion, aka blackhead. If it does, then it forms into pimples, pustules and cysts.

Q. I wash my face a lot so why do I still break out?

A. Acne is formed below the surface of the skin and cannot be washed away. To clear acne, you need clinical-strength products that are designed to penetrate the pore, exfoliate the dead skin cells and kill the acne bacteria.

Q. How do I control my acne?

A. Your acne can be controlled through the continued use of Face Reality products and corrective in-clinic treatments for at least the first 12 weeks. Many people see a dramatic difference in their acne in the first month. Once your acne is under control, you must continue to use the products to keep clear. Unfortunately, acne cannot be cured, only controlled.

Q. Why Face Reality Skin Care™ acne products?

A. Face Reality Skin Care™ has developed products that are specifically for the type of acne that you have. Your Certified Acne Specialist will know what adjustments to make to your regimen to make sure that your skin does not over adapt to the homecare regimen, pushing it to clear but not irritating or over- drying your skin. This is the fastest way to get your skin clear.

Q. What do the treatments do?

A. Each treatment is customized for the condition of your skin at the time of treatment. Sometimes the skin will need hydration and other times you will need corrective peels to facilitate the clearing of your acne and dark spots. Your Acne Specialist will perform extractions of your acne impactions at every treatment so your skin clears more quickly.

Q. How do I get started?

A.   If you live in the Charlotte area, contact Skin Therapy of Charlotte and start your journey to clear skin.

Carol Zoller, Licensed Medical Esthetician, is your go to Acne Specialist in the Charlotte Area

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