How can I protect my skin from the sun?

At Skin Therapy of Charlotte we always ask our clients “what daily sun protection do you use?” We ask this because we believe the best anti-aging product is……sunscreen! Yes, sunscreen. Our passion is healthy, glowing skin and to achieve this sunscreen is a must! How can you protect your skin from the sun? According to the American Cancer Society (ACA), there are three main ways to keep your skin safe in the sun.

The first is choose a sunscreen with “broad spectrum” protection. As the American Cancer Society states “all sunscreen products protect against UVB rays, which are the main cause of sunburn and skin cancers. However, UVA rays also contribute to skin cancers and premature aging.” Did you know, if a product isn’t broad spectrum it must have a label stating that it only protects against sunburn, not skin cancer? In our opinion, what’s the point!?

Next, please make sure your sunscreen has a SPF of at least 30. The SPF number is the level of protection the sunscreen provides against UVB rays. According to the American Cancer Society “The FDA requires any sunscreen with SPF 15 or lower to carry a warning that it only protects against sunburn, not skin cancer or skin aging.” Again, our opinion – stick with the 3o or higher, because what’s the point of anything lower!

The third and final guideline to always remember is “water resistant” does not mean “water proof.” Check the label and make sure you know if the product recommends 40 or 80 minute reapplication. A great reminder from the American Cancer Society, “sunscreen usually rubs off when you towel yourself dry, so remember to reapply.” For best results reapply at least every two hours! Our main concern is the health of your skin. At Skin Therapy of Charlotte we carry a wide range of SPF products and we are available to answer any questions while you are browsing. Feel free to stop by and check out our products, feel the weight, texture and smell to make sure you pick your favorite. We even have a powdered version of SPF that is fantastic for sensitive skin and anyone that doesn’t like to reapply a cream during the day.

Your skin is our passion and it’s both of our jobs to protect it. Stop by and let us helps you get ready for summer!


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