Why Choose Image Skincare Products?

Why Choose Image Skincare Products?

Choosing skincare products can be extremely difficult in today’s marketplace.  Every company is advertising that they have the best products that work and they use only the best ingredients for the consumer.  But what are you really getting in your skincare products? What companies can you trust for the best results?  There is a lot to consider when it comes to skincare products.

Image Skincare Company and its products are like no other around.  Image Skincare is a clinically based skincare company that strives to find new effective skincare solutions.  They are an innovative leader of the skincare industry and are always in the forefront in the latest anti-aging, balancing, and hydrating products.

Image Skincare is a professional corporation dedicated to providing customers with products that have the highest quality of service.  They use the highest percentages of active ingredients allowable by the FDA and are always seeking out the latest advancements in skincare technology.  They offer visionary products and solutions for every skin type and skin flaw.


Quality – What are you getting in every Image Skincare product?

One of Image Skincare most notable feature is the quality of each individual product.  All products are developed and formulated by highly trained chemists and a board of physicians to ensure that their products truly work and go above and beyond other skincare products. Only the best ingredients are used to create Image Skincare products in order for the customer to see the most outstanding results.

They strive to offer safe products without the use of chemical preservatives.  Chemical preservatives such as parabens, have been known to have health risks associated with its use.  Every product developed by Image Skincare contains no parabens and has been this way ever since 2007.  These products are designed to give the customer peace of mind and to know that they are only receiving the best and safest product.


Image Skincare and Vectorize Technology™

Technology is ever-changing.  Every couple years, new advancements are made that revolutionizes the skincare industry.  This led to Vectorize Technology™ which is exclusively at Image Skincare.  What is Vectorize Technology™ you might ask?  This technology uses up to 100 layers of active ingredients and once applied to the skin the ingredients are time released providing higher product absorption for a longer period of time.

They are the only brand out there to offer this technology in their products.  You can find this in many of their products, especially in their anti-aging lines.



When considering what skincare products to use, whether you are a professional or a customer, you need to account for several things. What ingredients are being used in the products? How safe are the products? Is it clinically tested and proven to work? Products are Image Skincare have the best ingredients that are FDA approved, are clinically proven to work, and are safe and free of preservatives like paraben.

Check out their line of products here!

Curious about Image Skincare products and which ones are perfect for you?  To find out more about the Image Skincare products that Skin Therapy of Charlotte has, please call or schedule an appointment today!

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