The Importance of Regular Facials

The Importance of Regular Facials

Many people think that facials are just a luxury but they are so much more than treating yourself and getting pampered.  Facials have various short and long term health and wellness benefits for your skin.  Think about it, your face is the one part of your body that is always exposed to the outside world with all the pollution, dirt, dead skin, and makeup to clog pores and makes skin age faster.  Not to mention the damage your face takes from the elements of the cold, wind and the sun.  Washing and applying lotions to your skin is not enough to keep healthy and vibrant skin.  Regular facial treatments every month are the best way to keeping your skin looking young and fresh.

Here are 6 Reasons Why Regular Facials are Important


facialsSlows the aging process

Day by day we are getting older and our skin shows it.  Regular facials will help slow down the aging process by promoting new cell turnover, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots, and it greatly boosts collagen production.

Exfoliates the Skin

Facials exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin looking fresh and glowing. Exfoliating your skin regularly, will help new cell turnover that will help diminish the appearance of fine lines and clear up acne.

Lymphatic drainage

During facial treatments, there is a good amount of massaging that takes place. Not only does it relax you but also promotes lymphatic drainage.  This helps remove toxins and promotes healthy blood circulation.

Facials can help even skin tones and reduce the number of dark spots

Regular facials balances the chemicals and oils in your skin which over time starts to even out skin tones.  By using certain masks or peels, you can even begin to see dark spots disappear.

Cleanses the pores

By regularly treating your face to facials, you can start removing all the gunk and buildup in your pores that lead to blackheads, pimples and scarring.  Facials will allow your skin to breathe easier and look healthier, even after the first treatment.

Promotes Relaxation

Even though life is hectic and always stressful, regular monthly facials will give you an hour of peace and quiet to get away from it all. Taking an hour for yourself once a month will help you relax and also look and feel great.


When you are in between your monthly facial, at Skin Therapy of Charlotte, we recommend a good skin care routine consisting of cleansing and moisturizing. Remember to always protect your face from sun exposure by using sunscreen.  If you have any questions about the best products for your skin please contact Skin Therapy of Charlotte.

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