Hi-Tech Facials

Regenerate…with a Rezenerate Facial


Rezenerate, LLC, offers the only cosmetic facial system on the market that uses scientifically verified, cutting-edge “Nanotechnology.” By combining innovative technology with high quality skin care products, clients receive the best possible cosmetic facial results. It’s the perfect union between beauty and science!
This state-of-the-art system includes the Rezenerate Facial, a pioneering skin care procedure that optimizes the delivery of functional ingredients to the skin. It delivers the same great results as more invasive systems—without any of the negatives. 
Did you know that the Rezenerate Facial works wonders on fine lines and other external signs of aging skin such as sunspots and age spots? Sound too good to be true? But wait, there’s more. It also helps diminish the appearance of blemishes and other skin imperfections, and uneven skin tone and texture. This amazing facial even supplies essential nutrients to malnourished skin, and helps improve oily and dry skin.  
The results are in! According to many clients, their skin looked and felt more hydrated after just one treatment. And, after multiple treatments, they noticed pigmentation lightening, toning, and an overall youthful glow to their skin. The Rezenerate Facial is the ultimate anti-aging treatment!
Don’t be fooled by imitators with low grade technology, sub-standard materials, and non-existent results. If you are concerned about painful treatments or numbing injections, and want quick results with little or no downtime, then a Rezenerate Facial is for you. Don’t waste your money or time on facials that never deliver promised results. Eventually, Nanotechnology may help reverse aging at a cellular level. But, until then, schedule your Rezenerate Facial with skilled aesthetician, Carol Zoller, of Skin Therapy of Charlotte. You won’t believe your eyes!
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