Signs to Seek an Expert

What is that?!

When it’s time to see a dermatologist

Are you googling every random blemish or skincare issue that is occurring? If so, it’s time to see a dermatologist. You don’t want skincare issues dominating your thoughts in a unhealthy way where you constantly searching for an answer.

Other signs its time to schedule that appointment

  • Dramatically dry skin
    • Having dry skin can occur from a few things, ranging from pollution to sun exposure. Dry skin however, can also be an indicator of hormonal changes, such as menopause. When estrogen levels drop, dryness, sensitivity and itching can increase. Seeing a dermatologist will help determine if your dry skin is cause from changes in hormones.
  • Developing sensitivity to products you’ve consistently used
    • Your skin loved these products, what is happening!? Repetition can actually cause your skin to develop sensitivities over time. Bring your products to your appointment and they can help identify ingredients that could be aggravating your skin.
  • Having stubborn acne, and not being a teenager
    • Specific skincare products are being designed to attack adult acne in this new epidemic. Adult acne can be an indicator of stress, hormonal fluctuations and serious health changes.  A dermatologist can pinpoint and identify triggers that go beyond topical solutions to help get you back in the clear.
    • If you start seeing dark spots on your forehead hairline, cheekbones, and chest, it’s time to see that dermatologist. You may be super diligent with the sun protection, but incidental exposure means the damage is already done. OOPS

Before you see that dermatologist though

The experts here at Skin Therapy of Charlotte are going to give you the best care possible, and help you identify any of these issues with ongoing treatments and facials. Getting a regular facial can help identify skin issues and let you know when it is time to go see that dermatologist.


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