The Millennial Facial

Introducing SKIN FITNESS

Now a days people want immediate results, especially those from the younger generation.

Us millennials want what we want and we want it now! (LOL)

Unfortunately, skincare doesn’t exactly happen that way. Yes a facial will have you looking amazing right afterwards. But you can’t rid your skin of those blemishes, and uneven pigment etc. in one sitting. So let’s start thinking of making our skin healthy, the same way we think of making our bodies healthy. It takes time, effort and a PLAN to get your body where you want it to be. Fitness doesn’t happen overnight. You may start with a detox, and go to the gym, maybe get a trainer and slowly kick everything up a notch until you find your rhythm and start getting results.

Let’s do the same with skincare

Skin Fitness is a workout for your face!

These sessions are designed by your skin coach to be treatment focused and goal driven, a series of these facials are the best bootcamp to kickstart your journey to healthy amazing skin. It starts with a skin fitness test where your skin coach will analyze and then design a treatment plan that focuses on your unique skin. This goal oriented treatment is completely customized using enzymes, masques and peels chosen specifically for you. Your skin coach will then get you set up with your at home skin diet (products) to maximize results. The ultimate goal of these treatments is to get your skin to look the way YOU want it to. Your coach can help you in the spa, but you’ll have to do your part at home and follow your plan. Let us at Skin Therapy of Charlotte get your skin as healthy as it can be!

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