Travel and Skincare

A common concern with traveling is your skin. First, you need products that will protect your skin when flying, changes in climate, and poor air quality in hotel rooms.  Second, you need items that are TSA approved when you have carry-on baggage. These tips will help prevent your skin from looking dry, broken out, blotchy or prematurely aged while traveling.


What to do:

A simple home care regiment followed by monthly professional treatments will do a wonderful job of keeping your skin looking healthy. Soft water, eating out, and the pillowcases in the hotel rooms can cause breakouts. Hotel pillowcases are terrible for your face because they have been laundered with heavily fragranced detergent and fabric softener. This is why we suggest packing your own.

It’s extremely recommended that you bring your skincare regimen with you, and for your convenience we have  TSA approved travel size products available for your purchase. We also recommend you bring your own facial cleansing wipes for the long flights and international travel. Skin Therapy of Charlotte just received Image Skincare’s NEW Facial Cleansing Wipes and they are super easy and quick to use. Plus they smell AMAZING. After you use the wipes apply moisturizer. Its ability to quickly absorb and hydrate while you sleep will have you waking up with hydrated and happy skin.


Once you’ve arrived at your destination, use another cleansing wipe to refresh your skin and then put on a SPF. SPF is very important because it will protect your skin from UV radiation, pollution and other environmental debris.


When you return from you trip, one of the best things you can do is use a facial scrub and remove all remnants of the trip from your face. Then you’ll want to come see us here at Skin Therapy of Charlotte. We will give you a facial that focuses on increasing blood flow to improve sluggish circulation, mechanical exfoliation, and saturating the skin tissues with oxygen while killing bacteria. This treatment will regenerate, stimulate and hydrate your skin so you are smooth, clear and ready for your next trip.

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