Continue waxing, even when it’s cold!

It’s tempting to let hair grow out during the cold months, but don’t do it to yourself! Keep that waxing momentum.

You’ve come this far

Waxing may not the most pleasant thing to get done, but you’ve come such a long way if you regularly get waxed during the summer. You don’t want to let all of that dedication be for nothing! Let’s put it into a little perspective how waxing overall is a time and cost effective way to rid yourself of that pesky hair. Would you rather wax 13 times a year? Or shave 121 times a year?! Yikes. Sure shaving seems like the best priced and less time costing option at first. In reality you have to buy razors frequently and shave maybe every other day. When it comes to waxing, you only get waxed once a month! Sounds like a no brainer, but here are some more reasons to keep getting that hair pulled.

Let’s get down to business

Getting a wax is as amazing as it is because you are removing the hair from the root completely, not bluntly cutting it at the surface. Results last longer, and if you’re going to remove hair then you want to remove it from the root so it comes back thinner! Shaving does not do this. There is a benefit of exfoliation that comes with waxing, because you’re getting rid of the dead skin cells.

Why should you keep waxing when it’s cold?

Getting your hairs waxed regularly will get that hair on a certain cycle, when you shave that interrupts the hair growth cycle and each strand will grow different. Waxing in the winter will also ensure your smoothest summer. By exfoliating and keep that hair on a schedule, your summer wax results will be the smoothes yet! Check out our waxing services for more information!

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