How Regular Body Waxing Can Retard Hair Growth

How Regular Body Waxing Can Retard Hair Growth


Everyone knows what a pain it is to continually have to shave your legs, armpits and especially the bikini area.  It is time consuming, a hassle, painful and the results only last a day, two at best.  Not to mention how expensive it is to have to kept buying razors month after month.  Even after you shave you are sometimes left with those awful razor bumps, cuts and nicks and your legs do not feel completely smooth.  Waxing may be the answer to slowing down hair growth and possibly stopping it all together!  Now before getting overly excited over never having to see all that stubborn hair gone for good, there are some things to take into consideration.


What Does Waxing Do Exactly?


WaxingWhen you start waxing, warm wax is applied to the area of skin that you want the hair removed from.  Then you take paper like material and cover the area of the wax and then firmly and quickly pull it off.  This action will remove the hair in the area.  One important detail about waxing is that you have to wait until your hair is long enough to rip out the hair.  But once the hair is removed, the results will last anywhere from three to six weeks.  And after each treatment, the hair will grow back much finer making it less noticeable in between visits.


When you wax and yank out the hair, the hair follicles will become damaged, which may eventually prevent the hair from ever growing back.  Although the results will last for weeks and the hair follicles become damaged which may prevent hair growth, waxing is not considered to be a permanent hair removal treatment.  


In general using wax is more effective than shaving.  Shaving only cuts the hair close to the skin, keeping the hair follicles intact.  This will cause the hair to growth faster than with waxing.  Even though waxing isn’t considered permanent, it at least removes the hair underneath the skin’s surface.  The damage over time will cause the hair to grow back slower, finer and possibly even altogether.


How Often Should You Wax?


Waxing is a safe way to effectively remove hair, so you can wax as often as you want too.  You should always wait for the hair to come back so that it is long enough for the waxing to grab onto it and remove it.  With this being said, it is still safe to wax days after or weeks after.  If you have questions please feel free to ask the experts at Skin Therapy of Charlotte to help set up a treatment plan for you.  The more treatments of waxing, the  hair will grow back much slower and has a better chance to permanently remove all that stubborn hair!


Things to Take Into Consideration


Remember even though waxing can remove the hair permanently, the results will take months to achieve.  You shouldn’t wax if your skin is irritated, burned, or have unhealed cuts.  You can always ask your skin therapist about different types of waxing treatments that may be better for your skin and hair type.  After waxing avoid direct sunlight, hot showers and lotions/perfumes that contain fragrances and alcohol for at least 24 hours.  This will help keep the redness of your skin down.  Remember not every treatment is meant for everyone.  Waxing may not work effectively for certain people, so make sure to ask the experts at Skin Therapy of Charlotte about other options or treatments!

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