Does Waxing Cause Wrinkles

Some clients believe that waxing the more delicate areas of the face, especially around the eyes, causes wrinkles.

Nothing could be further from the truth! Wrinkles begin developing at an early age due to many factors (such as exposure to sun and pollution) and take years to emerge. Because skin on the lip and brow is thinner—and often not protected by clothing as skin on other parts of the body—, wrinkles tend to be more visible. To add insult to injury, this fragile facial skin naturally loses its elasticity much sooner, too.   


So, why do clients believe that waxing causes wrinkles? Do they think that waxing pulls and stretches delicate facial skin which in turn causes wrinkles? As an experienced skin aesthetician it is my responsibility to dispel this common misconception. 
The most prevalent causes of wrinkles include intrinsic and extrinsic aging, UV rays and exposure to the sun, smoking, drug use, pollution, repeated facial expressions, pulling/rubbing delicate skin, and certain allergies.
Intrinsic Aging — As the human body ages, many of its processes naturally slow down. The skin’s structural support begins to deteriorate, and collagen, elastin, and moisture are lost. Fine lines and wrinkles become more visible.  
Extrinsic Aging — This aging process is execrated by external factors that come in contact with the skin and can lead to premature wrinkling. They should be avoided at all costs. 
UV Rays and Sun Exposure — Undoubtedly UV rays and sun exposure are the number one cause of premature skin wrinkling. Why? This type of exposure produces free radical damage in the skin which speeds up it’s natural (intrinsic) aging process, attacks healthy cells, and depletes the skin’s collagen and elastin. Although this damage is not evident at the time of exposure, it exists deep within the skin’s underlying structures and becomes noticeable as one ages—generally in a person’s mid-30’s.
Smoking, Drug Use and Pollution — The harmful chemicals from smoking, drugs, and pollution also cause free radical damage to the skin and loss of vital collagen and elastin.  
Repeated Facial Expressions — Believe it or not, the “faces” we make throughout our lives slowly become etched into features, creating lifelong facial expressions. “Laugh lines,” “character lines,” and “pucker lines,” just to name a few, are the result of conscious/unconscious repeated facial expressions over an extended period of time. It’s said that you can tell the kind of life a person has lived from the lines (wrinkles) on his/her face. 
Pulling Delicate Skin — Pulling and tugging the delicate skin around the eyes when removing makeup literally stretches the skin back and forth which leads to a further breakdown of it’s underlying structures. As the skin around the eyes and mouth becomes more fragile with age, this increases the appearance of fine lines. 
Allergies — Puffy, itchy eyes are common symptoms of many allergies which often lead to rubbing and pulling for relief. Although puffy eyes will eventually subside, chronic allergies can cause under eye bags and flaccid under eye skin.  
By educating my clients on the real causes of skin wrinkling, and by practicing proper waxing techniques in my salon, I can help them to make better informed decisions for  selecting an appropriate skin therapy regimen.
As a matter of fact, the proper waxing technique and appropriate waxing frequency will prevent damage to skin and it’s underlying structures. This includes holding the skin taut during both the application and removal of wax, and eliminates repeated applications over the same area to cleanly remove unwanted hair. Using the right type of wax is equally important. I prefer hard wax as it is gentler than strip wax and doesn’t adhere to skin; therefore, less stress is placed on the delicate skin. And, waxing frequency should not exceed once every 3-6 weeks, according to each client’s individual needs.   
Scientific knowledge and a skilled aesthetician will enable my clients to relax and enjoy the waxing process without worrying about needlessly causing wrinkles. This is something we both can appreciate.
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